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System Announcements

  • Annual Notification of FERPA (Tuesday, November 29, 2016)

    The link below leads to the annual notification of students' rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Acts (FERPA):

    Annual Notification of Rights Under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

  • NEED HELP? (Thursday, November 17, 2016)

    Forgot your username or password? Then click here to learn how to reset your password!

    Need to call for help? Call 1-855-671-6898 any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    There's a LIVE CHAT you can use for tech support, too! Just click here and on the next page, click on Live Chat to start a live chat session!

    First time ever using Blackboard Learn here at Alcorn? Then, you may need to click here to learn how to activate your Blackboard Learn account.

    Need to install the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher?
    Click here to download the Bb Collaborate Launcher for Windows
    Click here to download the Bb Collaborate Launcher for Mac
    After you install either version of the Launcher, make sure to restart your computer!

    We at CITS strongly recommend the use of Firefox (it's free!) when using Blackboard. You can get a copy of Firefox at

    Want to explore more online help resources for Blackboard Learn at Alcorn State? Then go to There, you can find a link to the Live Chat to talk with a support tech any time, basics guide for students, basics guide for faculty, and more!

    Distance Communications Policy:
    Per previous announcements:
    All distance communications (e.g., phone, email, live chat) for Blackboard support must be placed with the 24/7 Helpdesk and not directly with the Tier 2 Support Team (Stanley Stephney and Vanessa Huston). This change in procedure will enable the Tier 2 Support Team to effectively address Tier 2 support issues in a prompt and thorough manner. Any distance communications sent directly to the Tier 2 Support Team will be redirected to the 24/7 Helpdesk.

    You can reach the Helpdesk by going to and using the Live Online Chat or calling 1-855-671-6898. Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  • Online Students: Required Use of BioSig-ID (Tuesday, October 11, 2016)

    Online Students,

    Per University Provost Donzell Lee, for improved student identity verification, all students taking online courses at Alcorn State University must begin using the BioSig-ID add-on to our Alcorn State Blackboard Learn system starting Monday, October 10, 2016. To set up your BioSig-ID password, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Log in to the Blackboard Learn system as you normally do.
    2. In your list of courses (in the My Courses box), you will see a course called BioSig-ID Enrollment. Click on BioSig-ID Enrollment to enter the course.
    3. In the BioSig Enrollment course, carefully read the instructions under BioSig-ID Introduction and watch the demo video below the BioSig-ID Enrollment Link to begin your BioSig-ID enrollment process.

    After completing these steps, you're all set to use your BioSig-ID password. After you've completed these steps, beginning this week through the rest of the Fall 2016 semester, you will have to validate your Blackboard Learn account your BioSig-ID using the Weekly Check-In in each of your online courses. To do the Weekly Check-In:

    1. Log in to the Bb Learn system as you normally do.
    2. Just after logging in, in the My Courses box on the right, click on the name of one of your online courses to enter that online course.
    3. In the menu on the left side, click on Weekly Check-In. In there you will see a "test" called BioSig-ID Weekly Check-In.
    4. Click on the words BioSig-ID Weekly Check-In.
    5. Click the Begin button and follow the instructions on the next page to complete the weekly check-in process.
    6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for all other online courses that you have.

    You may also have to use your BioSig-ID password to do certain things within your online courses, for example just before you start to take a test or submit an assignment. If you find that you need help with setting up your BioSig password, you can go to for assistance.


    Stanley Stephney
    Instructional Technology Manager
    Alcorn State Center for IT Services

  • Temp Account Users (Monday, August 29, 2016)

    If you've been given a temp (temporary) account by the Blackboard Support Team, please click here to log in to your temp account.